Running Leggings

Running Leggings

About Our Running Leggings Collection

Looking to do some heavy squats? Looking to power your way up a steep hill? Or do you just want some comfortable workout pants? Decathlon’s Artengo running leggings are made for your everyday running needs. They’re designed to be lightweight, breathable, and flexible so they can keep up with you. All of our leggings are designed with pockets so you can store your keys and your phone while you exercise. Our leggings come in a variety of lengths and sizes so you can find the right one for you.

Running Shoes

Running shoes that are cushioned but tough, stable but agile, and that’s exactly what we’ve designed. We engineer our shoes with a wide cushioning system that’s there when you need it and gets out of the way when you don’t. Our EVA material is durable, lightweight, and flexible so you can go about your business without any encumbrance.

Toe Socks and Accessories

If you’re going for a longer run, keep your feet warm and comfortable with our toe socks and running socks that keep your feet dry no matter the weather. We also have hats and bags to keep you going without interruption. For a complete set, our running leggings will keep up with you on your travels.