Spandex Socks

Spandex Socks

About Our Spandex Socks Collection

Looking to add a little extra power to your run? Want to improve your performance in your next marathon, your next 5k, or your next gym session? Decathlon’s Artengo brand has just the thing for you. Our spandex socks combine the perfect amount of cushion and breathability so you can stay comfortable while you go hard at any time of the year. We design socks for all types of running, including trail running, marathon running, and more!

Running Socks

If you’re looking for socks that are specifically engineered to handle the demands of your runs, you’ve come to the right place. Our socks are designed to be lightweight while maintaining a comfortable cushion, perfect for your runs and your everyday life. We engineer our socks to be durable while staying comfortable so you can keep going without having to stop to change your socks. We also design socks that are moisture wicking so they can effectively remove sweat while you keep going.

Sport Socks

No matter what sport you take up, we have socks that are perfect for your needs. Our soccer socks are designed to be durable while maintaining a comfortable cushion even when you’re on the turf. Our running socks are engineered to be lightweight and breathable so you can keep going without stopping to change your socks. Our cycling socks are designed to be durable and breathable so you can ride without having to worry about changing your socks. And our hiking socks are designed to be tough and durable while remaining comfortable.