Spiked Running Shoes

Spiked Running Shoes

About Our Spiked Running Shoes Collection

Looking to up your game? Want to get some serious mileage in? Our Decathlon Artengo running brand has just the thing: spiked running shoes for men, women, and kids. 

Why do you need spiked shoes?

If you run on trails, you’ll need traction to get you up and down steep slopes. If you run on roads, you’ll need cushioning for a comfortable ride and stability for turns and sudden stops. If you run on a mix of both, you’ll need a shoe that transitions easily between surfaces. And if you run in the winter, you’ll need a shoe that’s warm but not too heavy. That’s why we have spiked running shoes for all your needs. Our spiked running shoes are perfect for your runs on grass, trails, and roads. They’re engineered to be lightweight so you can fly on your travels and are comfortable so you can keep going. Some even feature water repellent technology so your feet stay dry even when you’re caught off guard.

Artengo also has spiked running shoes for kids so the whole family can enjoy their runs in comfort and safety on their favorite routes. 

Our running shoe collection also includes socks that are perfect for your runs. We have hiking socks for your hikes in the woods, running socks for your runs on the roads, socks for soccer for your...well, soccer games in the park, and socks for cycling for your rides in the city. And if you’re looking for something to protect you from the elements, we have jackets and pants for your entire body so you can be ready for anything.