Weight Training Accessories

Weight Training Accessories

About Our Weight Training Accessories Collection

Looking to get big? Want to get toned? Or just want to be healthier? Decathlon’s Artengo brand has the perfect gear for whatever your workout goals are. We have the perfect accessories to make your workouts even better. 

Exercise Equipment

We have all the exercise equipment you need to get started in your home gym. We have a wide variety of gym equipment for all your muscle groups, including a squat rack, a preacher curl, and a weight bench. Our gym racks are compact and foldable so you can take them on the go. We also have a variety of dumbbells and barbells so you can target different muscle groups. 

Gym Accessories

Along with gym equipment, we also provide gym accessories. Our weight plates are adjustable so you can add or remove weight to target different muscle groups. We also provide weight racks that are perfect for storing your plates between workouts. We even have gloves and wraps so you can grip the bar and protect your hands while working out. Finally, don’t forget your gym shoes!