Women's Surfing Swimsuits

Women's Surfing Swimsuits

About Our Women's Surfing Swimsuits Collection

Want to catch some waves? Looking to swim in the ocean, lake, or pool? Decathlon’s Artengo brand has your back. Whether you’re swimming in the ocean or in a pool, you’ll need swimsuits that move with you and won’t hold you back. Our swimsuits are designed for both swimming in the ocean and swimming in a pool. They’re made with quick-drying fabric so you can be ready to go again right after you get out of the water. Some swimsuits are even chlorine resistant so they last longer between washes.

Swimwear Accessories

We design swimwear accessories to go with you on your aquatic adventures. Our swimsuits come with  swim socks to keep your feet comfortable in the water. We also design toe socks to protect your feet while swimming and  swim goggles to see clearly underwater. Looking for more gear? Learn about our aquatic gear for more in-water activities like paddling and snorkeling 

Women’s Swimming Suits

If you’re looking for a one-piece swimsuit or two-piece swimsuit , we’ve got you covered. Our women’s swimsuits are designed to be quick-drying, and some are even waterproof. The tankinis are great for swimming in the ocean or the pool, and our women’s swim briefs are perfect for snorkeling. If you’re going swimming in the ocean, you’ll need a life jacket so you can stay safe.