Yoga Mats With Carrying Strap

Yoga Mats With Carrying Strap

About Our Yoga Mats with Carrying Straps Collection

Looking to get into yoga? Our yoga mats are perfect for your home or your favorite studio. We have yoga mats that are extra thick so you can feel secure while you’re on the ground or in the middle of a demanding pose. Our yoga mats come with a carrying strap so you can bring it with you to your favorite yoga spot. If you’re looking for something extra cushy to put under your yoga mat, we have yoga mat towels that are extra large and extra soft.

Artengo Yoga Mats

Decathlon also has its own yoga brand, Artengo, designed to meet the needs of yogis at all levels in all styles. Our yoga mats are made of PVC material, which is durable and easy to clean. We also create yoga mats with foam or rubber grips, which are more comfortable and stable than PVC mats. 

Yoga Accessories

Looking to go beyond your mat? We have all the yoga accessories you need to perfect your poses. We have yoga blocks that are perfect for extra support during your most demanding moves. We also create yoga straps to aid you in your quest for more challenging poses, such as the shoulder stand or the headstand. Once you’re done, keep your mat rolled up with our easy-to-use straps. If you’re looking for something to put your mat on, we have yoga mats that fit perfectly on our yoga mats.